323Z/X Success @ Jay County

Just wanted to let you know on our results from our competition today (We will be revealing our robot(s) soon).

6-0-1 | 185 SP (1st Seed)
Tournament Champions w/ 323X and 1233C
Driver Skills Champion (74 Points)
Programming Skills Champion (32 Points)

We had a fantastic day! We had run driver skills once before coming to the competition, so 74 was very nice! Our programming skills was scoring 45-50 at our practice field, and we got 42 at the competition, but we did something illegal negating that score. We ended up with 32 which is 17th in the world right now. We should have ~60 next competition.

4-2-1 | 169 SP (10th Seed)
Tournament Champions w/ 323Z and 1233C
2nd Driver Skills (51 Points)
2nd Programming Skills (19 Points)

They had a great first competition! They had some connection problems at first, but got that fixed. They had a very consistent (timed) autonomous which scored 7 points. They were one of the best Stash Scoring teams there.

We will both be going to Zionsville II next weekend, and both hope to put up a fight!

323Z should be able to get 80-90 in Driver Skills, and 50-60 in Programming Skills.
323X should be able to get 50-60 in Driver Skills, and 20-30 in Programming Skills.

I will be posting videos from the competition soon! Thank you Jay County for a great competition!

That is our robot so far (attached). We need to work on the Large Ball intake a lot, but it worked for today. It intake the buckyballs very well. We to get more driving in to perfect our driver skills routine.

Let us know what you think so far (full reveal coming soon)
photo 1 (4).jpg
photo 2 (4).jpg

Good job. Are there any videos of the event?

Very nice, Jesse! :smiley: Congrats on your success.

We’ve been focusing on getting our B team’s robot completed but I’m starting to worry about getting our skills scores higher… You’re starting to frighten me with your plans of 80-90 in drivers and 50-60 in programming!


Videos will be posted tomorrow. I am way to exhausted to do it now.

Ahaha. Well, 74 for our first competition is fine in my eyes. We should easily be able to pass 50 in programming. Our goal is top 10 in overall skills this year.

Ask any questions you want about what our robot can do (or not do).

Will do.

  1. Is your robot able to hang?
  2. What is that squarish shaped metal structure across the top of the intake? It intrigues me.



Great job guys. Robot looks great. I’m guessing you will be a real contender at world’s :slight_smile:

motor distribution?
6 drive
2 arm
2 intake?

No hanging. We don’t think it is important right now.

The square thing is connected to the intake tray. We are able to intake and drive around with 2 large balls at the same time. We can also intake buckyballs with large balls already intaked or intake large balls with buckyballs already intaked. We can hold a max of 5 objects.


Awesome job, Jesse!

It looks like you’ve decided to go with a flip-down intake rather than flipping in from the sides?

Thank you. Yes, after some further designing, we were able to get the intake to fall down instead of flipping in.

Thought you all might like this match. We went up against our fellow team(s) (323X and 323B). We had our robot not work for the first 25ish seconds of the match: http://youtu.be/UM0V4FrObps

We (323Z) won by 2 points. It was one of the best matches of the day. The videos from the competition are slowly uploading. Some are already up. Check them out here: https://www.youtube.com/user/Team323ZRobotics/videos


We beat 323X by that one buckyball :wink: We could never get it in practice, but somehow we got it at the tournament.


5:1 gear ratio and 2 motors are very impressive.

QF #1-1
Final #1-1
Final #1-2

We are very satisfied for our first competition. Let us know what you think!

Very fast.

When you first started building the big ball pick up did you have the problem of the balls not going in unless you drove against a wall?

Also, is the drive 1:1.6 (highspeed internal)?

Thanks. No. We actually had a perfect intake that would touch the large balls then intake them, but for some reason it got changed. The next competition our large ball intake should be able to intake them without hitting a solid object.


Thanks for the video’s Jesse!

Your welcome? See you this Saturday :wink: