333 rpm drive viability?

Wha are some pros and cons of a fast drive? My biggest concern is the motor burn out but we have a mainly aluminum bot and we can apply grease to the wheels if that helps

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Well someone correct me if I am wrong, but the faster you go don’t you lose torque because they are inversely proportional. So the motors will burn out because they will try to make the robot move but the motors will struggle with that. Also controlling the robot will very hard with that speed.


That would be correct

Yes I understand that. However, I’ve seen other teams do the same. I don’t think I’ll ever be playing defense and half of the time I drive I have the joystick all the way forwards so I think I can handle a bit more speed.

Depends on the game. Wouldn’t recommend it for this year, bots and cubes can get heavy. Also you don’t need that kind of speed.


You will lose pushing power, and you will also accelerate slower, which means that really short movements may actually be slower.


Depends on what size wheels.

3.25 since that’s all we have

We run 3.25” with 600rpm motors geared down 5:3, and have problems burning out after about 10 minutes of drive time. That’s all we need for matches, so the speed is awesome for starvation period at comp. However, drive practice is a serious pain. Canned air can only do so much.

Would I recommend against gearing up so much? No. Just be wary of the limitation.


You probably shouldn’t apply grease to the wheels because it you would lose traction and it’s also illegal. I would reccomend putting grease on the gears and axles instead.

Oops that’s what I meant

perfect reply
20 cgara

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