333A Tower Takeover Season Recap


*Shoutouts to 53171B for giving us the plate holders


Dont worry guys, Iā€™m sure many of us started off the season a bit rough. Glad to see you pulled through!
(Also double slider looking kind of op)


Nice job bud. Love how you showed the designs and just different aspects of rebuilds and all that


You all did a great job. I am in 8th Grade and this was my last year of VEX IQ and won 1st place at my competition. Unfortunately VEX Worlds was cancelled. All we can do now is enjoy the VEX Virtual Worlds and practice and build to prepare for the next game. Remember there is another chance to make it to the World Championship after the COVID-19 is over. Good job this year and good luck next year.

The Robotic Eye - 11425A

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