333X Starstruck Summer Reveal

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Wow, great robot and great reveal too! What is your motor distribution for the robot?

@Bobtheblob - 5327B

Looks like:
6 motor lift/dumper
4 motor drive
2 motor hang

How long does it take for your robot to complete a high hang?

Also, have you tested your robot on a skills run yet? If so, how many points can it earn?

We’ve never done a skills run; we’ll let you know how it goes when we try or we might just post footage. It takes about 6 seconds for a high hang, but another 10 seconds to deploy and line up.

What attaches your hook to the rest of the robot? It looked like rubber links, but I didn’t think they were strong enough to support a robot.

They’re really strong… But we honestly thought it was a goofy idea until we tried it.

Great work again 333X for making such a good, and amazing looking robot so early in the year.
It does seem to be very similar to what everyone else is thinking (including me), so I expect this design to be very common for this season.

Nice lift ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)… looks familiar. Anyways great robot… you did a nice job on it.

We thought about this, but the hanging lift would block our dumping lift. It’s a good idea though.

Did you ever try an autonomous high hang? Seems like if you made some improvements, you could squeeze in just enough time to pull it off. I’m not concerned about it getting misaligned during the hang so as to not be able to come back down in driver control mode.

Thought about it but it’s really risky. We’d rather improve on what we have, which might be enough to counter an opposing lift in auton.

Wow this is a really great first robot! It looks like you can consistently score in the far zone just by the speed of the arm.

Just wondering, do stars ever get stuck on the standoffs while lifting?

Also, why do you power your lift from the middle with a four-bar like linkage instead of just at the top? Is it more efficient?

Stars have never gotten stuck, and I’m sorry but I don’t really understand he second part of your question.
*****It’s a lot sturdier, and the friction the extra joints add is negligible.

I never thought standoffs would work for the intake. How well do they hold up? We have 1x2 c channels in that same configuration but their so wide that we have to kind of work them into the star. That and you’re intake picks up cubes alot better than ours. Good work! :slight_smile:

They’ve been holding up really well, and we haven’t had any problem with them yet.

This is a really cool early season robot and the reveal quality is really good I like it a lot! Do you plan to keep a similar design in the future or move to other designs?

We’ll probably work with this design until we qualify for Illinois State, and then we’ll reevaluate from there.

What internal and external gearings are you using, and how much elastics are you using on your dumper?

Great robot, almost makes me want a dumper. So why did you choose a dumper?