3388 Foobar Nothing But Net Teaser


I love it… especially that mega catapult at the end.

Guess from now onwards, all teaser videos must follow the same template… :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree.
The my only critique is the accuracy on your 30bps launcher. Please fix.

Same mate. You may lose if the other team gets Autonomous.
But in all seriousness, I’m looking forward to seeing your design at worlds.

Huh. Interesting design, is that a version of the 8059 robot?

Oh, but this is our autonomous! With a “unique” robot design, we were able to shoot multiple entire stacks into the air during auto, clear the field, and score 50ish % of them. 50% of clearing the entire field should be enough to win auto and leave our opponents with nothing left to score.

Oh no.
We didn’t prepare for that strategy.
I have no chance at BCIT.

I enjoyed seeing your robot in person! Thanks for making the trip out… that is a beauty of a machine!

Jason, thanks for the complement. Both 3388 and 3388t had a great time at BCIT. Thank you guys again for organizing such a fantastic tournament.

A lot of us here in the UK watched the stream we were really impressed by all the robots especially yours.