3388T Midseason Claw Dumper Catapult Hybrid Reveal

Though there’s already video’s out there of my robot, it thought I’d make a midseason reveal just for fun so here it is.

I’m running a:
4 motor X-drive
6 motor lift
2 motor claw

And good on you if you can understand how that catapult boost thingy works :slight_smile:

It’s deployed by the claw, right? Reset by the lift? That’s pretty cool. (But I know you can do better with this technology; I have)

so this is the guy that Made that mechanism irl?

No, that was @Bobtheblob - 5327B

Awesome. :slight_smile:
Still love the passive catapult.

How exactly does that catapult reset and stay in when you have the claw open while driving around?

Which ones are high speed, turbo, normal gearing if you don’t mind me asking?

Please ignore my coder :slight_smile:

It looks like he has the booster attached to his lift so that when he lifts up a string(or something like that) pulls it out but gravity pulls it back down when the lift goes down and loosens the string. At least that’s what it looks like he’s doing. His lift is fast enough to make that work.

Yep, that’s the fundamental idea and yes I do hope to do better on my next build.

Not quite sure what that means but I’m the only one in my team and this build was thought of, built and programmed by me so…

There is a flexible linkage which pulls the catapult back down when the lift lowers and flexes when the lift raises with the claw closed.

Drive is high speed motors, lift and close are 1:5 on torque.

That’s kinda the idea except in reverse order…

Great robot! That launching motion reminded me of pastoral from a few years ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Pastoral: #30byworlds
3388T: #10bytomorrow
Nice robot.

I wish I was around for tossup.

Do you hear it? It’s the sound of a new meta being born.

Don’t worry, we’ve already been there, done that. CAD modeled and improved, we’re ready. #statein3worldsin5

Amazing design! How would one go about building something like this (a completely passive catapult for a claw)? To be honest, I still don’t realize understand how the catapult works.

Id start by actually building a claw but just spacing them a decent distance apart so you have space. For my first skills competition I only had the claw and it worked fine without the catapult just no far zone. In terms of the catapult, you need to design a loading mechanism and then a system to release the energy.

Can you take a close up picture of the catapult platform mechanism?

Don’t have access to the bot atm but maybe you can just slow down the video.

after watching the video again, I’m now inspired to make your design. Except maybe even better, because of my drivetrain