3388T Midseason Claw Dumper Catapult Hybrid Reveal

@antichamber please either improve on the design, or come up with your own, dont blatantly plagiarize, if you improve spacing, or some small thing, great. but dont just steal the design without coming up with a way to improve on it. improve the design, not the overall robot

Keep in mind that almost every team gets copied when they post a reveal. It happens, but it’s best to give the person credit if you copied their idea. With so few ideas and over 10,000 teams, most probably an idea will be copied. 400X’s intake is a good example last year, with rubber bands that are stretched to intake as many balls as possible, and it was copied a ton…
But even though, @antichamber is wanting to improve upon it, not copy it.

I wasn’t planning on plagiarizing it, I just want to take the general concept, not the exact design, then make it my own/improve on it.

yeah @mwang17 what i meant is that you should improve the claw/catapult combo, not the whole robot, even if you adjust spacing its better
@CATaclysm Delta_II yeah, its unfortunate, what i’m saying is that even if you do copy their design, make it better in some way, so you actually learn
@antichamber thanks, thats exactly what im saying

Lol yeah, I know right. VEX is supposed to make you learn how to solve a problem, not how to plagiarize :stuck_out_tongue:

My post was taken the wrong way… I purposefully bolded “except make it better” because parker’s comment didn’t make any sense.

I think we all agree,
Copy my robot and you don’t really learn anything, you don’t prove anything and that’s kinda lame (plus I doubt it’d work). But if you use the idea, improve on it, and add your own twist, that’s totally cool.(as long as you share your idea with me… lol :))

@TurboTech Any plans of high hanging or hang at all? We’re trying that now, but the button sensor doesn’t work very well. And nice job with the catapult, I honestly didn’t think anyone would use it on a claw bot. Good luck this season!

Thank you,
I do not plan to make this design hang as it does weigh quite a bit 17ish lbs and so I’d need a more complicated mechanism to gear down a lift as I’m already using 12 motors.

I has simplified teh design https://youtu.be/2_Lx6wY_FbA

I feel now we will see widespread attempts to build this.

Did I do a bad/should I remove this post?

No, this is awsome it will help many teams be inspired for their robot I was more joking about how the comp will get quite a bit better for clawbots due to this.

That’s great that you could simplify it.

Actually, that system was what I was originally prototyping with but then I had planned to create the parallel four bar thing to drive the lift from a lower point which I ended up never getting the time to do so I just attached it to the extension of the parallel bar and the result is the same just lowering the pulling position. Some issues I had with pulling back from the top were:
-The string has to stay on track(around the nylon washer) which requires a tension-er to be live up to consistency required in competition
-When I throw stars over the fence, the portion of the arm where that string run crosses over the fence allowing me to throw from a better position. The string being there limits that motion which was something I deemed important
-Though the extra inch now seems trivial, I originally thought that maximizing height would be a priority but after seeing what I have, it doesn’t change much.
-My lift has is currently set up with enough elastics to lift without the motors driving, and the four bar provided the optimal place for attaching the elastics with the desired vectors
-I found the string to be to easily caught on game objects and more likely, other opposing robot so my priorities were to minimize the mechanisms likelihood of interfering with other game play.
-Lastly, the idea of the catapult boost was build as a way of increasing point potential, but I needed to know that in the event that the mechanism was not worth using, I could tie it down and it would be able to run as the typical claw bot and still compete to the level I needed.

These are just some of the thoughts that went through my head when I was testing but if that works for you, that’s great. One bit of advise, if I might add, is try testing your system asap because you’ll find that little things will come up that you would never have thought of if you hadn’t physically tried throwing the star or tried picking up the cube… And do keep posting your ideas, it “never” hurts to bounce ideas off the community.

Now that there is a decent tutorial on the basic idea, I feel this idea will be is like last year’s mid season slip gear mechanism reveal. I can bet, we will see a lot more robots and teams using this mechanism in the upcoming months.

That’d be kinda cool…

What are you using to pull back the launcher? Like a nylon string or something better? I feel like the nylon string would be too easy to break.

Actually, it’s a piece of pneumatic tubing. I didn’t have any nylon string on hand so it worked. Kinda sucks cuz it tends to stretch though.

Nylon is actually really strong! One rope can easily do 5 pounds.