3388T Midseason Claw Dumper Catapult Hybrid Reveal

According to this site, the tensile strength of 3/8" braided nylon rope is a lot higher than 5 pounds. You can safely load 270 pounds, and nylon rope can take over 3000 pounds before breaking. That stuff is strong.

Yeah, if I had the stuff when I built it, that is definitely the way to go. String also doesn’t stretch as much making it less of a pain.

Jeez. I wanted an estimate, but wow.

Wow, that is a pretty cool design. My team already has a bot that uses a 4 bar to poke/push stars on the other side, is it okay if we do something similar to this, and if possible, improve it? (Dont worry, no plagiarism, that stuff isnt cool).
We are thinking of using a 1/8 in nylon rope, you think that would work?
Also, the clow doesnt need to be touching the ground right? I fugured that if the claw closes from the sides, it’ll be able to grab the area where the arms of the star connect. Im thinking 3-5 inches off the ground.

Yeah, go ahead, I think the nylon rope would probably work better that what I used so go for it. In terms of claw height, I’d agree that around the 4-5" mark is good so the stars don’t just roll over when you try to push them.