338a Iterated Post states reveal

Here is our states robot I’m happy to answer any questions.


Yay! for attention to details!

One question: are you going to wear matching hairstyle and color with your robot to the Worlds?


We have yellow shirts with black print and logo. And were probably gonna put some black and yellow side skirts on robot. We had some at kalahri but never got around to putting them back on.

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Any reason for the degree of the flip on your endgame? Ours is a similar-ish design, but our pistons go up and release the hinges for an around 90-degree pull. According to your numbers, your endgame gets 5 or 6 more tiles than ours. Do you think that how far the standoffs flip is the reason behind that, or could it be another factor that is making your endgame function so much better than ours?

It might be the amount of tension if you don’t have enough bands or stretch it wont fling the nuts as hard. I also wrap my string in figure 8’s to make release smoother

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