34203X cad

Good call

Maybe for designs where the intakes aren’t really high, you could just drive in

For the intakes there is a shaft that goes down through the 4 standoffs. The only concern with that is an axel bending because Long axels are needed to reach that distance.


Yeah if you only have one motor per intake then its much easier due to its not going to cause the clearance problems my solution for the 1 motor for both intakes is going to cause.

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Have you thought of using high strength shafts?

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Not really but the only problem I can see is that I have to connect to sprockets which do not accept high strength axels.

I thought they did. Oops lol

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they do, but like me you have the old sprockets. new ones can fit HS shafts.

you should have any issues with shafts bending though

Ohh I didn’t know that, I don’t think it will be too much of a problem but it was one of the things that I haven’t tried before and looked a bit sketchy.

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Maybe if you used bevel gears you could mount your motor at 90 degrees to avoid hitting the goal.

That might work I just haven’t seen many teams have success with the beveled gears.

I cant stop noticing that you are running 3 layers of sprockets on the intakes and something like 8 on the indexer if memory serves me correctly.

  1. Is this simply for spacing?
  2. Are the extra sprockets on the intakes for durability like they were in TT? If so, why do you have multiple layers on the indexer?
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I think it’s mainly because a lot of teams dont really use them. There was a bot from the Austin Cans that used bevel gears really well this season.

There are 3 on the intakes for the durability as seen done int TT, then on the indexer there is 6 for the durability again and to space it so there are 2 sets of tread to push the balls up.

Alright I’ll probably make a revision of it and try the bevel gears to see if it fits better but I still have to have that assembly above the intakes to power both of them.

Oh, were you guys talking about a single motor fold out intake?


Its works somewhat like that but it doesn’t fold out it already fits in spec.

@Xenon27 was talking about having fold out intakes in order to reach balls farther back in the goal. Like he said, you could use flip down intakes, or a single motor fold out intake.

The problem right now is that the motor is going to hit without the intakes reaching in far enough which can be solved by shallowing the angle of the intakes or I can make them longer and flip down.

If you design the intakes right, then you can reach all the way into the back of the goal with static intakes.
The main advantage to fold out is that you can move your magazine forward, giving more space in the back

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