344E Flywheel test

344E Flywheel Test - YouTube Still needs refining. Some feedback would be great!


You really need to improve the structure of the flywheel, but also of the robot itself. You can see the whole robot bending when the disc goes through the wheel, which is really bad. You would benefit a lot from some cross bracing.


I see okay. Will do.

Is the bottom side of the flywheel supported? Previous replier basically highlighted it all, you mainly just need to brace it more.

If you have issues with tension (this is an “if”) then you can either use microspacers to space out the other side of the robot as needed, or attach it between two nuts on a bolt.


Yeah the bottom is supported, but I definitely need to brace it all horizontally.

With all that vibrating that your frame is doing like what every one else said you probably should support that because I can see the frame coming apart with all that vibrating from the flywheel

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