344E Horizontal Expansion

With our endgame, which I’m not gonna leek here, needed more weight to pull the string farther. the string would just kinda clump together, but it wasn’t knotted or anything, just needed more force to be pulled out.

DM me with the results if you want, please.

so it kind of has the same issue as ours? and yea I’ll send you our testing results.


Since DMs don’t exist anymore, do you have any other way to communicate, such as discord?

This is a public forum, so all posts should be done publicly. Please don’t use this as a substitute for chat system.

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I do have discord, but I’ll just post my results here


Alright, I was gonna share mine with him to show him, but I am not gonna leek it publically. I was just asking about that.


If you wanna see mine at some point to see about the weight-force I’m using for mine, I can send it to you on discord.

aight what’s your name and tag? I’m curious what your expansion looks like

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