344E Website and Youtube are now live!

Team 344E, the ThUnd3r ChicK3n$, is proud to announce that our website and youtube are now live, with a bot reveal coming soon!

While you’re there, watch the new video on our autonomous test and give some feedback!

– Henry, 344E Captain


There isn’t any need to spin the roller multiple times. Your’re asking to mess it up. Just spin the roller 1/4 of a rotation.


Would this work?

Unlikely. You want to compare the ratio of the roller diameter to the ratio of the roller mech. If your roller mech is 2 inches in diameter, then yes 90 degrees would work. If it is 4 inches, you would need 45 degrees.

Also, I’m not sure if 1/4, turns, works, I haven’t used it. 90, degrees, does for sure thought.


okay. I’ll mess around with it.

General programming tip: 1/4 != 1.0/4.0. 1/4 is integer division and rounds down to 0.

(note this doesn’t apply to python, only strongly typed languages)


So in Python 2 1/4 = 0 and you need to do 1.0/4 to get 0.25. Python 3 changed that. But I think all the VEX python options are python 2.


im using c++

\20 char

I may be mistaken, but are you using the digital arrow buttons on the controller to drive your robot? Also I don’t see anything to stop the drivetrain if the buttons aren’t pressed anymore.

I use the joysticks.

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