353X Worlds Reveal - Turning Point


Specs: 4 motor 200 RPM drive, 1 motor 1000 RPM (600 RPM 5:3) intake, 1 motor 100 RPM (1:5) catapult, 1 motor 100 RPM scraper, 1 motor 200 RPM (1:3) descorer.


Great robot. How and why does the descorer flex inward?

Thanks! The descorer is on a screw joint and tensioned outwards so we can drive directly into the pole and have the standoff swing behind it.

Epic robot + song choice op

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Nice robot, how were you able to achieve such a large tolerance?

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It’s known as a hyukapult. It’s just a catapult whose arc intersects with the flags from multiple positions.


sigh… i give up (about using proper technical terms)…


Thanks! We just made sure that the two balls didn’t contact and had standoffs in the middle to keep the arc of the balls fairly linear.

Looking forward to seeing what you guys call it in your reveal!

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Poor @meng look at what you guys have done to him.


2bc… hopefully. lol.
Like i said previously… i couldn’t even ensure my students are using the proper terms. lol…

i am really just encouraging this usage of proper terms for your own benefit. But up to you guys if you want to take my advice :slight_smile:


Ah I see. How is your single ball tolerance?

A good job! :robot::rocket:

Good luck to your team at the World Tournament!

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Thank you for your kind words!

We have to stick to the front court for single ball shots.

Nice robot! Any reason why you went with a descorer instead of a 2 bar or some other lifting mechanism that could also act as a descorer?

Thanks! We figured the ratcheting tip of the descorer would allow us to negate points fastest as 2 bars still need to be aligned to hook onto the cap.

Impressive robot! Looking forward to hearing back from you. By the way, LOVE the music choice.

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Thats hell lot impressive.

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Thank you for the kind words!