36-Inch Expansion Clarification

At a recent competition I attended, many robots may have expanded past the 36-inch horizontal limit depending on the interpretation of the rule. After talking with the head ref, I wanted to clarify the specifications of the expansion rule. Does the expansion measure ANY 36-inch length on the robot (diagonals included), or does this measurement only apply to the sides of the robot (x-axis and y-axis respectively, no rotations)?

I found clarifying questions from turning point, but I wanted to confirm that this clarification from turning point is the same as what is stated in the game rules, that being diagonals are included in the expansion measurement.

Turning point clarifications: 36" expansion question : Robot Events

Manual reference: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

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The Game Manual is CLEAR about this - take measurement from one point (horizontally) to another point on bot during expansion in match - if over 36" non-compliant .

Please have EP and Head Referee consult with RECF EP Engagement Manager about how to handle measurements in the future.

I am looking forward to release of Head Referee Certification for this season. Referring back to previous season Game Manuals and Q&As does not meet criteria and constraints for this season.

[edit - still early season! be forgiving as all are doing best to resume a solid season ahead!]


Yes. If ANY horizontal length measures past 36 inches then the rule is broken.

Diagonals included


TBH we are on month 5 of the season, there are teams that have been building since 10 mins after the reveal. :slight_smile:


That said, we still don’t have ref certification


Season for me starts once referee certification is in place, otherwise how can I host a qualifying event which requires certified Head Referee? :slight_smile:

Seriously, looking forward to our first event in November and feeling more and more ready…


Yea, and lots of places make the team captain’s take the test too. I think the RECF is still coming back from the Covid disasters of last year.


Yup rough start for all getting back into a season that hopefully will be better, but different.

I did a quiz to make sure students are able to navigate the Game Manual organization. It is a start.