36" limits

When measuring, do all expandable arms need to be in the out position? Ex: robot fits within 36", but if the mogoal lift flips out, it’s 40". But in a comp, the mogoal lift will never be out when an arm expands.

I haven’t had to have all systems out at once for inspection, so i believe if it doesn’t move when when in limits you should be ok.

I am fairly certain that this is the ruling.

Here is the actual ruling:


The Q&A answers it, as @blatwell has indicated. Note that @Rick TYler has an open question about this on the official Q&A, because the current Inspection Checklist disagrees with the Q&A answer. While I think it’s clear that the Q&A answer is always the best information, the people running inspection won’t necessarily know that. So @Rick TYler is right to ask. As he notes, it would be beneficial to update the checklist. Here’s his question: