36 Tooth Ratchet Gear

I have just spent the past ~45 minutes designing a 36 tooth ratchet gear. The 36 tooth gear is the smallest gear that comes with holes. Making this thing was an absolute nightmare, and isn’t worth it, in my opinion. It is quite thick, coming in at around 1.8 inches. It should theoretically work but isn’t really viable. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you absolutely need a 36 tooth ratchet gear mechanism, here it is. The rubber bands pulling the ratcheting mechanism are on the bottom side of the gear because of the low space. This does require some wacky screw jointing and nut placement. Also, I used the hex screws in the cad because that’s all I had, but I’d recommend using screws with a flat head(preferably a flat head counter sink screw) Anyways, here’s the cursed build.

Recommended ratchet screw type:

Additional Pictures

Side View:

Bottom View:



You can thin this up by removing the 2 lock nuts. As long as the screws are tight enough it won’t come apart.
Also same for the oher side, you can thin this up so much more.


You can thin this up even more by not having stuff on the other side and use a washer instead of a bolt head as the ratchet point. This would also allow a finer adjustment to the ratchet height.

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And using low strength gears instead if needed.

From experience custom holes in ls gears are a pain to get accurate but it is possible. Same with cutting 48 tooth gears in half ugh

have you tried making this physically to see if it works?

Not yet, but I can try later.

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I have made this design with rubber bands on the back Its really clunky, not super smooth ya know but its small so its cool

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if you want a good ratchet at that size thats easy to build 315 made one during TP season that was p low friction and ik took at least 2 motors of torque and food effeciency and i made one but its hard to make but it is worth imo as u can blow on it and it spins p fast(i have one that survived 4 motors of torque). both of these can be found on VTOW(idk what the discord server is called anymore)

here is mine:

here is some random project i used them in: