3674R - Turning Point New Years Reveal

Also, use code “TEAM3674R” for 10% off your next robosource order!

Nice robot… I like how the entire top is a funnel.

On a sadder note, I placed a robosource order last night… rip 10% off.

That encoder brake is really cool! It seems to stand up to V5 pretty well. Does it do the same consistently on the platform? Has it been tested against sideways rams?

OOOOF That’s a rip… Next time you should use the code :smiley:

It works fairly well against V5. I find his robot to be well built with standing against V5, and his wheels act like a 62 wedge which makes things even more difficult XD

that big tray on top… any issue with accidentally taking in more than 2 balls? eg. balls bouncing off the net into the tray while you are already holding 2 balls?

His catapult is built in a manner where if there’s more than two balls any extra would be “ejected” out.

So is the placement of the balls on the catapult (the back or front portion of the catapult) randomized? Im asking because it seems that the balls roll off of the ramp and they fall into whatever spot they find.