3675 S.h.i.r.t.

Our robot holds eight balls in the top which are all droped in ethier a high or low goal. It also holds about 4 balls in the intake tread system. We went to the semi finals at the Devry Georgia Regional and won the Inspire award at the North Caroliona Regional. So we are offically going to the dome (Georgia)!
I just posted a couple of pictures of it.

wow good job! have fun in atlanta :slight_smile:

that’s a pretty nice bot, how fast does it score (load then drop off)?
My team was considering using a lift system to score balls but have moved to other designs

It picks up a stack(4) in about 3 to 4 secs. Then it lifts and drops in about 3 secs

Nice job, looks good but it also looks a little flimsy. Since it doesn’t appear to hang I would reinforce evrything. If I’m wrong and it is really sturdy then I’m sorry great robot though.

you guys were awsome at Devry and NC, congrats again on winning the insprire, see you at the dome!

Thanks but I think your robot was way better (for now)

Nice bot.

The tread pickup and bucket dump strategy seems to be extremely popular this year. I’ll be watching out for you guys in Atlanta.

i’d just like to say
from all of us on team 1002:

CONGRATS on the win =]
we’ll be seeing you guys at the Georgia Dome =]

3 seconds? :frowning: there is no way. You need a stopwatch. Its impossible to lift that much and drop it in 3 seconds.

why is it that both the 3196 team mebers are ao easy to criticize designs? if i recall you competed with a squarebot with a large plow on the front.
just because you can’t do something doesn’t mean its impossible, S.H.I.R.T. has been around since the begining of vex before it was an open competition so naturally they’re going to be good.

3 seconds is absolutely possible. Our arm was capable of lifting in about 3.5 seconds, in fact it was too fast so we decided to gear it down so it now takes about 5.

our arm lifts in 1.9 seconds. when it comes to scoring theres no such thing as too fast.

As part of a team in its first year of competition and an active member on this forum, I feel I have correct perspective and background to respond. You, and your teammate, are rashly and irrationally ripping apart other team’s robot designs. There is an idea of positive criticism, but instead you are questioning people’s claims in a very abrasive manner. If you are going to question someone’s claim, then do so politely. And before you question their claim think at least for a moment about why you are so certain it has to be wrong.

The fact your team has not built a robot nearly as succesful or capable as the robots you are criticisizing is my eyes, and I believe at least several other members of this forum, very hypocritical. Please tone down your response, and if you have questions of course ask them. But the purpose of this forum is not to bash other people’s robots, especially when your robot is not the end-all be-all of robots.

Let this thread return to a discussion of 3675’s robot, and not an inquistion.

On that note: How often can you actually manage to hold 8 balls in the top portion? I’m sure the geometry allows for it, but I noticed at the Penn regional many teams had designs that theoretically held more than they ever did in competition.

actually, i might actually agree with Tmaxx… i think 3 seconds is a pretty short time considering the gearing i that i can see on the rack and pinion
also, taking into consideration the time it takes for the balls to get from the ground level to the hopper [for us] took a good [annoying] chunk of our time in competition

but i take it for granted that your timing estimations / measurments were accurate, and if so, you’ll be a really good competitor at the GA dome when it comes time to perform

just a side note: auto code wins matches =]
it saved our team countless times

our arm, i would estimate raising in about 1.5-2 seconds [1:7 gear ratio], but it stays in the position the entire match, so,yeah…

i’d also like to know this, because our team mainly dealt with linear / semi linear configurations in the design process to prevent jamming is that also a problem or not?

oh and please, stop the animosity and remember gracious professionalism everyone…

thier lift was geared 36:60 then compounded 36:60 again for a ratio of about 4.5:1

Ok let me tell you like it is. We went to the semis with a plow. We have a hanging robot and are currently working on the most innovative robot to date. At the GFHS scrimmage we were the only team to hang and we did it twice leaving us undefeated. Our 2 robots were ranked 1 and 2. As for the hostility. Dont even get me started. Dont get mad because the simplest robot does the best the robot took 2 hours to finish and we recieved many comments on how well such a simple robot performed. We actually had an entire section of the grandstands(other people from other competeting teams) cheering for us. So before You go and call us hypocrits you need to ask some questions about what we have. I hate when people dont think before they post. Lets drop it before I get banned for teaching you all a lesson.

like i said above

the topic here is team S.h.i.r.t.'s robot

well most of the time we only picked up 4 balls and dropped them but that was mainly because our intake system was not flawless but thats all better now and at the dome we will be picking up eight and droping eight and we will be doing that for as many times as needed to win.

And if you dont believe that it lifts in three seconds take into account that the motor only has to rotate in a full circle about two times and it is at the top.

yeah, the whole linear motion thing…
forgot about that
i mean, i dont doubt that you can, but the gearing ratio seemed pretty big [from what i saw]