37409A CAD Design

CU Unit 2 Render1 (high) CU Unit 2 Render2 (high)

Ever since the season started I’ve been working on a few different CAD designs. This one is not finished and I don’t plan to finish it. It certainly isn’t perfect and has a lot of flaws(which is why I haven’t continued with it), but I think it shows a lot of potential for this future season.


I really like those intakes, I hadn’t thought about connecting something together like that.

Thanks, the idea first came to me when I thought about the typical type of intake used for FRC robots. And I modeled it after that.


how does your hood flip out? And do you think you will need some supports to the side of the robot so the balls don’t fall out? What is the lexan on the side of the base for?


The hood flipout would be kinda complicated, but I don’t think I’m quite ready to go into detail about that just yet.

I would have put in supports on either side of the conveyor if I wanted to spend more time on the design, but as is the balls should be pretty well nested in the robot. If I were to build this there would have been 2 long strips of 1/2" adhesive foam along the back of the conveyor system and another set along the hood, but again, I did not feel like Cadding it.

The polycarb on the side is nothing special, it I just a wedge to protect against defense. Many people used these in TP as well.

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Really nice, cant wait to see what you guys bring out this halloween!


Thanks, same with you guys. You can expect a lot more than just this on Halloween :smile: