Here’s a video of our reveal!

Unfortunately, we lost in the Semi-Finals and didn’t qualified for Worlds…But we still have U.S Open Nationals!!

Hope to see everyone in National!

Nice robot. Just a few questions, why do you have the fulcrum of the arm so low on the towers? And, haw many rubber bands are you using on the arm.

I pretty sure so they have their fulcrum so low so that they can have efficient rubber bands assisting their lift. Shi Shi High school did the same thing.

This would make sense, but why not just have a taller tower and shorter arm, making the arm stronger.

What exactly do you mean by taller base?

Sorry I am tired, I meant tower.

He probably means have a taller fulcrum and a shorter arm. Taller fulcrum means less efficient elastics but shorter arm means less torque required. However I think incursio pretty much already has a pretty short arm(the claw is mounted shorter than 35 holes) and a lower fulcrum.

So is your lift the same speed as your M team’s now?

pretty much the same

I’m almost positive that your limit switch is actually illegal- Karthik ruled somewhere that modifying the metal counts as modifying the electronics

Our limit switch broke like that, and it works perfectly fine. If they want to prevent us from doing that, they should make parts that don’t break under normal use.

great job all season 3815-J. As always your season was incredible and getting to watch every match of this team for the last few season has been a blast. Best of luck at nationals and I will see you in worlds as you support your sister team.

Also if you don’t mind me asking, what width was your drive so that you could fit encoders on the outside?

i think its 30 holes

Karthik ruled that bending the arm on a limit switch is legal. He said the limit switches are designed to be bent. I’m too lazy to find the post but I’m certain that bending limit switch arms is legal.

What were the specs for you claw?

@FreeWillyZheng Great robot! How were you able to get your lift to be so fast and powerful with that gear ratio and only 4 motors?

rubber bands

How many stars/cubes are you able to lift before it starts slowing down?

it can carry 3 star and 1 cube or 6 stars or 2 cubes