3815J Worlds Reveal

We’re proud to present our newest NBN robot competing in ENGINEERING division: INCURSIO

potential field robot
4 torque motors base
single flywheel geared to 25:1 (4 speed motors)
fast elastic conveyer belt
high speed elastic rubber intake

a very colorful robot that shoots at a rate of 4 bps

We didn’t have time to make a full reveal so I am just posting the attached pictures and will to answer questions.

Nice robot, why did you opt for the torque base? How much did your robot weigh?

I love the flywheel… Colours. Nice job. Do you have any specific auto? Can you shoot full court?

@Mystical Pie the reason we chose a torque base because our previous base got overheated a bunch of times. So what we did was to unified the 2 motors to power each side on the base. Also we geared the wheels 2:1 to make it fast.

@Mystical Pie the robot weighed around 15-18 lbs

So you base is geared up 2:1?

@TurboTech yes, we can shoot full field. And for auto, we shoot all the preloads at the start tiles and thats it. haha…

@Mystical Pie yes

Nice, looks like an excellent field bot.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how important are the colors to your accuracy? :smiley:
Nice Robot! It seems to be very well structured (Good build quality).

I may be wrong, but I’d assume it would be at least 20

Everyone knows that color adds 5 BPS

Maybe that’s Disco’s secret!

We all know they use strobe lights… And neon colors.

Looks great Will. Do Jersey proud this weekend.

I will do my best!!! @blackiceskier

Hmmmm… looks familiar. Good luck guys.

LOL yes, it look very familiar. :slight_smile: @Ginsen