3921 Newest Videos

I just came across the testing videos my old team’s just released. Here they are, you can take a look.

There’s nothing more rewarding than seeing the amazing people who used to learn from driving the bots I designed actually build robots that surpass my maximum skill level. Well, not my maximum “skill” level tho, but dang dang those bots are really NEAT!!! Yeah yeah yeah they don’t have a transmission yet, but I’m still really really proud of them. And I’m sure next year they’ll do one.
This is why I love VEX. It’s a place where devotion for excellence can change both you and the people after you.

Best wishes at State, and do get into World, my guys.

Thanks Martin! We plan on getting to World, but we will have to see how state plays out :slight_smile:

We actually did prototype a transmission but it wasn’t as compact and efficient as we liked, so we didn’t pull through with it in our state design :frowning: Maybe next year I could pull it off :stuck_out_tongue:

Making transmission super compact is the most fun and exciting part of CAD in VEX perhaps. Keep up the good work.

This team is going to be tough to beat in our State along with a few others but this team has seriously improved since those first few competitions and im happy i have been able to see them grow.
Keep up the good work!

Its me from 4221c. I would love to come and compete with you guys at highschool states, but unfortunately i cannot. So, i wish the best of luck to 3921 and 3536b. I will probably be at you states so i will come visit you guys.

Duke it would be fun to see you there, but it was fun winning with you, hopefully i can carry that momentum of a win to a win at state xD but with teams like @3921 its going to be tough, but yeah cant wait to see you.

Thanks Duke. Make sure you drop by our pit Friday/Saturday if you can go! Can’t wait to see you and @3536BeastMode there!

With teams like @RLA111 it will be tough.

It was tough wasn’t it? Haha! I was so jealous of you guys having so much fun at state… lol.
If you wanna build a VEXU team at Tech, contact me.

Martin your team was great!

@MartinMaVEXForever yes your team was very competitive this year and had incredible accuracy. It took a lot of strategy at state this year which is why I am coming to like this game more and more because it is not all scoring but you need to plan strategies and work with you allies to score while still blocking the opponents. Great job @3921! And yeah Martin we can talk about possibly starting up a VEX U team at tech because I’m sure a lot of GA teams will have people going there which would make for an amazing team!