3921B World Reveal - Martin II

Dedicated to @MartinMaVEXForever (thanks for the skyrise memories!)

Designed to only field, no FC
6 motor turbo tank drive base
4 motor flywheel
Stage one intake: Turbo
Stage two intake: Turbo running 5:1
≈ 11 pounds or ≈ 5kg
BPS I’ll let the viewer decide so it isn’t some bias calculation

I apologize for the potato quality, but we hope you enjoy & cya at World (especially those in the Math Division :slight_smile: )

Nice robot, and a good fire rate. Does it to mid court to?

Yes, we could do mid court and forward, but we prefer bar shots :slight_smile:

It’s really late, and I’ve got to get up at 7:30 tomorrow so I can’t write too much, I’ll make a separate thread later
But thank you guys all so much. I really appreciate this. I can’t say this enough, I can never express how thankful I am of you guys being awesome and finishing my dream, but I’ll keep saying it.
I guess the best of VEX is although always wanting to do a reveal video but never having the time or ability to do it, and then seeing this. Seeing the familiar poster, the wall, the arena, the wall corner where I spent countless hours writing crappy PID codes these guys are now ripping off of in the team’s first full reveal video dedicated to me. It can’t get any better. Boom. I’ll give up holding the world champ trophy for this. I didn’t choose to do that tho, but it happened anyway, and I’m very glad.
Caleb, when you leave, do me a favor. Make your guys name their robot after you. And you’ll see how freakin amazing this feels.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Best wishes. Go rock at worlds. Finish my dream of performing at your peak, and then pushing over that peak. Go down to the round robin. Go get that champ. Do it.

The other Kaleb from 3921B here lol. And we thank you just as much as you thank us Martin. If it wasn’t for your amazingly designed and built robot that we so greatfully took to worlds last year then I don’t think we would have had the inspiration to constantly rebuild our robot all year until it met the over exceeding expectation of the one last year. I do believe this is our 6th or 7th robot this year, Caleb please correct me if I’m wrong, but we have worked non-stop through 9 competitions to get to worlds. If it wasn’t for your guiding leadership last year then we wouldn’t be where we are, and I personally thank you for that Martin. I hope you succeed in life more that you did in our class room. Maybe we will get to see you again one day!