393 making a clicking sound

I have a 393 that I can start and it will spin in both directions. If I put any kind of load on it, the motor stops, and I can hear a faint click-click-click sound. I assumed a broken gear, but looking at both sets of gears (either end) they look fine.

Any thoughts where to look next?

I remember once having the little bearing on the inside that goes s into the gear coming unglued. Maybe just poke each component?

I would just replace the motor if I were you. Sounds like a faulty motor. Although, my team replaces motors if they even sound off.

Are all of the shafts inside the motor tight and seated properly in their correct spots in the cover? I would think that one of those is a bit loose, causing the gears to push apart a little and skip.

Hi Foster,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having this issue with your 393 motor. If you reach out to our support team by e-mail (support@vex.com) or phone (903-453-0802), we will do everything in our power to get this situation handled for you.

Use a different motor or the problem will probably continue.

We had the same problems with or brand new Vex motor, just got to live with it.

replace the internal gear, if I had to bet, it Is the second gear down in the chain, from the top of the motor, at least that’s what it always is for us.

that gear is most likely stripped, replace it with a gear you either, buy, or salvage from another motor ur not using

you should replace the motor