393 motor for arm ??

Would a new 393 motor be good for an arm on a bot w a gripper end, it has some weight to it, will the extra torque help ??

The extra torque would help on the arm.

Keep in mind the length of the arm also. The longer the arm with weight on the end requires more torque.

There is a calculation I did during summer for my arm but I can not remember it. If I find it out I’ll post it. It basically uses the length of the arm, weight at end of arm, and stall torque of motor to tell you the gear ratio you need.

How do you adjust the gear ratio? All we have are 269 two wire control motors w/ external hookups.

I am sort of confused by the end of your question.

To adjust the gear ratio you just have to change out the gears.
If you want more torque then have a small gear to a large one.
If you want speed, then have a big gear to a small one.

This talks all about them.