393 motor gearing

my robots pretty heavy and i use 4 393s with 4 mecanum wheels to drive it. they all direct drive. should i replace the internal motor gears for speed or leave it for strength? im leaning for strength because i want to try to counter those pesky wall bots. but my robot is heavy, and if it is going fast it would have more momentum right? problem with that is motors may burn out. which option do you think is the best?

If would be helpful to know exactly how heavy your robot is. I would suggest staying with torque if you want to keep the mecanum feature. I switched to speed and it no longer had enough power to strafe, which seems to take more torque than driving or turning. (20 pound robot). That being said, I’m not sure how important mecanums are for this years’ competition. Up to you, but I doubt you could switch without trade-offs assuming your robot is at least as heavy as mine was.

i think ill stay with torque then, im keeping mecanum wheels because its makes driving alot easier