393 motor lifespan?

What is the typical lifespan of an EDR 393 motor? We’ve been using our motors for about six months, and they are starting to stop working. I’m wondering if that’s typical or if something is wrong with our robot.

We have been using some of the same motors for 5 years.

A few years ago someone quoted the lifespan in run time hours and it was fairly small.

I have considered 393 motors semi-disposable since then. If you get longer life, great! But mean time to live is about a season’s worth of heavy use.

Vex has done a good job at keeping these motors affordable but that comes at the trade off of expected lifetime.

I have had a 393motor and I have been using it for a while and mine has been working just fine.

There are so many factors in the expected lifespan of a motor - torque seen by the motor, use of bearings, etc.

Luckily Vex has made the selection easy for us on what motor to choose :wink:

If your motor is not running well after 6 months, that seems fairly normal. Some will go out before others. The old 269’s went out routinely. The 393’s are better motors, but will not last forever.

Is there a warranty on them?

Vex is generally very liberal about returns, but some things it does not make sense.

It’s hard to manage abuse vs defect too. Also they are $15 a pop…

Shipping costs are 50% of the price of the motor (I added one motor to my cart and got $8.84 in UPS shipping costs to PA, I am sure Canada it adds even more). So warranty shipping would be uneconomical on such a relatively cheap part.

We have been using our motors for several seasons that have been on lifts and drive bases, but our motors on our flywheel became weak within about 4 months, so it really depends on what you are using them for.

We have had the same motors on our flywheel all season and just won our last tournament…the motors don’t seem to be weakening at all. We have, however, replaced the internal gears in some of our motors due to stripping. But I do not consider that part of the “lifespan”. The internals are cheap to replace.