393 Motor with V5?

Is it possible to connect and control a old 393 motor with a V5 brain through a 3 wire port? If so what does the code look like? I presume a motor controller 29 would also be required?

Yes you can, you need an mc29. They are not legal for competition use.

Thats fine. I only need to use them for classroom purposes. Do you have an example bit of code to control them, or how to set them up in VCS C++?

Look up ‘motor29’ on the Robot Mesh docs

@matthewdenny I’d also recommend you use a power expander to ensure that the motors drive at their full power

Remember, the 3-wire ports on a V5 Brain run at 5 volts instead of 7+ in a Cortex, and all eight ports share one power supply. I built a simple robot with four 393 motors plugged into a V5 Brain and the robot ran for about 10 seconds before it shut off. You might power a claw or a well-balanced arm with a 393, but don’t expect to use them for drive wheels (without substantial gearing).

yes u can but it is not legal in a compition

Attached is a file with two versions of VCS code that run a 393 motor. The first one is C++ Pro, the second one is VEX C++. VEX C++ does not give you the configuration options to do a PWM out in the Robot page, so you need to put them in manually at the top of the main file (like in the example). C++ Pro has the options in the list to use pwm out.
pwm_test.zip (2.99 KB)