393 motors connection pins

Does anyone know if the connection pins from the motors can be replaced, if they get broken? It seems like a shame to have to throw away the whole motor because of broken pins.

Yes you can buy replacement housings and pins from eBay or other online shops. They are dupont male 2.54mm connectors I believe and I’d also recommend you buy a crimping tool if you have a few motors that need repairing.

You can buy all of the parts & tools needed, such that your motors are still VEX-legal, on Robosource.net.

In this article I wrote on sensors, if you page down there’s a section on “Repairing Wires”, with some videos embedded as well as links to the Robosource pages.

Also, I wrote this other article, “(Non-VEX) Resources for VEX Parts” that has a little more info. This link jumps you right to the wire repair section.

you can always use a staple to replace a bent or broken pin.

Not competition-legally…

Only if they catch you…

Is this really not competition legal?

I think it’s arguably okay to use a pin-like piece of metal to replace the pin. I know it is legal to replace a broken pin with a new crimped on pin, though.

I doubt you’d ever be DQed for using a non-commercial replacement pin. The much bigger issue is that it’s likely to fail.

Ahhh okay makes sense thanks!