393 motors out of stock

It looks like VEX (US) is out of stock of the 393 motors and the kits that contain them. Just a reminder to check with your local VEX Reseller as they may have stock available through the holidays.

So do you have any in stock Anthony?

Yes, we do: http://www.robotmesh.com/vex-2wire-motor-393

We ordered quite a few in late November to last us through the holidays. I suspect that we’ll now sell out quite quickly.

We’ll also have the components to ship out some Dual Control Starter Kits, Programming Control Starter Kits and the Classroom & Competition Kits from tomorrow (Wednesday).

Any idea when motors will be back in stock?

I just called a vendor that orders them from vex, they said they believe Vex started receiving a few (dribbling in) and were filling back orders. She expected that they will show back up on the website by next week. Guess we will see.

the motors will be back in march

While we cannot give a hard date for 393’s to go back in stock, we are still planning on it being sometime this month. Please keep an eye out on the forum and VEX social media for any updates.


Thank You, Hope it is soon

The individual 2-Wire Motor 393 is now back In Stock on the US website, with a limit of 5 per customer due to current inventory levels. As soon as we are able to lift the limit and go back to a normal In Stock situation we will.

Unfortunately, motors do remain out of stock in Canada. We’re working to get them back In Stock there as quickly as possible.

Thanks for your patience!

Then its out of stock again

Went to order motors, but now the turbo gear set to go with them is out of stock. Any idea when these will be available?

We are expecting the turbo gears to go back in stock on, or before February 1st. However, we are hoping for it to be much earlier, possibly this week even.

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