393 optical shaft encoder not working on V5 brain with the wire extenders

we testing around the optical shaft encoders and realized when connected to the brain directly, the encoders receive power and can read values, however, when connected to the brain via a wire extender (https://www.vexrobotics.com/extension-cables.html) , the encoder reads no values and does not receive any power. does anyone know a solution to this?

Can you clarify what kind of encoder you are using? When you say “393 encoder” the first thing that comes to mind is the IME’s that attach directly to 393 motors:

These use I2C and are not compatible with V5.


sorry for the late response, but no, we are using the big red optical encoders. we are not using those

Make sure that
a) your extension cables are plugged in all the way
b) there is a good connection between the cables from the encoder and your extenders
c) your extenders are working (just do a visual inspection for cuts or exposed wiring, or if you have a multimeter make sure each wire/pin is conductive to the other end)

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Figured out the issue, we didn’t line up the wires right, the black wire went to the white wire… big brain. Thanks everyone