393 to 3-wire

I was wondering what gear ratio you would use to connect a 393 to a 3-wire motor. I need to know this because With my lift I only have access to 2 393 but can get lots of 3-wire motors.

Do you mean connect a 393 motor to a 3-wire port? To do that, you’ll want one of these.

You can gear a 393 motor and a 3-wire motor at 1:1 and then to the common load, if the 393 is internally geared for torque so that all motors have the same nominal 100rpm speed.

If for some reason you want to connect a 296 motor to a 393 motor (set at 160rpm) you’ll need a gear ratio of 1.6:1.

296 motors and 393 high torque setting both run at 100rpm.

So you would take the 393 motor and gear it down from 160rpm to 100rpm. This could be done with a 36 tooth gear on the 393 motor, and then a 60-tooth gear on the 296 motor. You could then drive whatever the motors are for off of the 296 axle. This setup would give you 100rpm while having 17in-lbs of stall torque.

I think that’s what you were referring to. Hope that helps.


As long as you don’t run it in speed mode, just connect them at the same gearing.