3946E 7pt autonomous

We just finished tuning our 7pt autonomous and we’re super excited about it. If you’re from Colorado, we’ll see you at states!
edit: sorry the field looks wrong. We started just putting our preload out so we don’t have to spend extra time folding up, flipping out, and pushing the preload into the line of cubes. This way we have to spend less time setting up.


I believe you have your field set up wrong. The first line has 3 cubes on the ground and one stacked instead of 4 on the ground and one stacked. Nice auton though.


That’s our preload, rather than run our flipout function every time, which entails pushing the cube up to the line of three, we just set it there beforehand. This allows us to have a shorter cycle time and more time to run and tune our auton.


Make sure your preload does not interfere with the autonomous when flipping out since the tray can cause it to move during the deploy.

It’s all good, we’ve been running our flip out function all year in matchplay and it hasn’t been an issue once. Our third stage’s hinge is a flat surface that is perpendicular to the ground, pushing the preload to the line of three. If you want we’d be happy to show a video!

Is that a two motor drive? I’m confused on how you get a strafe wheel when you don’t have a transmission.

I’m not saying a two-motor drive is a bad thing; we had one for half the season, and we still did very well.

We actually have an H-drive with a wheel in the middle. So our drive uses 3 motors


Yeah, also does that work when you are in size?

See you Saturday. 20


It works pretty well. Unfortunately we can’t get into the lab until Monday but we plan to shoot another video with it in size/ with the preload set up in the normal way to show everyone


Very interesting post! I like the idea, might try to implement it :eyes:

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People too flag happy these days. That was totally on topic they were saying they liked the video and i too agree it is epic. That person was probably trying to get the badge


The robot in the top left tho

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