3946E Worlds Reveal

Hi Everyone!
Here is 3946E’s Worlds Reveal:

Here’s some basic info regarding 3946E’s success this season:
Triple Qualified for Worlds
14th in Robot Skills(Score: 363)
28th in Programming Skills(Score: 315)
Qualification Match Record: 28-3
Colorado State Champions with @Cyber brains
Highest Alliance Match Score (Score: 394)
Highest Combined Match Score (Score: 579)
Weight: 14.5 lbs
In the Engineering Division!!!
Edit: We use 3.25in wheels, not 3.75in.
Since filming the reveal, we have been able to speed up our intake, which has increased our fire rate even more(for both preloads and fielding). Also, please come check us out at worlds!

Finally: We are an open book! Ask us anything about our robot and either myself, @Lorenzo Melendez , @Sam Zmily , @Caleb Young , or @lheadlee19 will answer! However, we are not ready to reveal information regarding our autonomous routines beyond what is revealed in the video.

Good luck.
I have a feeling you won’t need it though!

Really nice robot. I have a quick question. Do you ever find that your drive burns out in games?

Also I added you guys to the worlds reveal playlist. Is that ok given the video is only accessible by the link you posted?

@SamuelC (7842D) Thanks! We’ve been watching you guys all year through the mariner robotics videos. Best of luck at worlds!

In the past we did. We did a lot of cuircut management and we put the robot on a weight loss program. After doing these things we have not had any burn out issues. In testing we found it take 5 continuous min of all motors working hard to burn out.

Ya. Thanks

@Error404:Robot Not Found
Last week, we were having a problem in which our robot ran out of battery during scrims. We spent a lot of time iterating through different wiring configs to ensure that we equally spread load on the circuits. This prevents us from running out of battery and lessens the chance of burn out. We weigh under 15 lbs, so that helps too!

I made the video public. Thanks for your help, we will definitely use that playlist!

See you at worlds!! I won’t be in your division but i think we have a UK team in engineering (@StoweBots ?) Good luck

Could you explain a little bit of how you did this? Our robot hasn’t ever been completely run out of battery , but we have noticed that, sometimes, by the end of a match the led battery level indicator goes orange despite having put a new batter in it right before the match.

The first thing we did was completely ignore the lights on the cortex and the power expander and base our decision on how we performed during the scrimmage. So our issue at the time was that at the beginning of the match we would be able to shoot from anywhere from across the field but when we came to the last 30 seconds of the driver control period we weren’t able to shoot from the back tile. We looked at how we were wired and we realised that we were draining the cortex’s battery significantly more than the power expanders. We decided to move more energy consuming systems to the power expander to help combat the issue and since then we haven’t the problem occur. So what I would do is make sure that you have your motors distributed logically over the circuits available. In a cortex ports 1-5 are on one circuit and ports 6-10 are on the other, with the power expander being its own circuit. What we do is we have the cortex connected on ports 4-7 so that you ports 1-3, 4-7, & 8-10 all on separate circuits. Then spread the motors across these circuits and try to limit having two heavy systems on one circuit (like shooter and drive). If you do this you probably won’t have any issues, but if you do just message me and I’ll be happy to help out more!.

thanks @Sam Zmily, this helps a lot.

Amazing robot, with an incredible fire rate. Good luck at worlds.


Engineering division looks like it’s getting harder and harder:p

Thank you!

We are looking forward to the challenge!