3946E World's Teaser

Hey Everyone,
We’re team 3946E from Kent Denver School in Englewood, Colorado. We have 3 high school teams 3946E, A, W and one middle school team 3946R, qualified for Worlds! Below is the link to E’s worlds teaser.

Here’s some basic info regarding 3946E’s success this season:

  • Triple Qualified for Worlds
  • 14th in Robot Skills(Score: 363)
  • 28th in Programming Skills(Score: 315)
  • Qualification Match Record: 28-3
  • Colorado State Champions with @Cyber brains
  • Highest Alliance Match Score (Score: 394)
  • Highest Combined Match Score (Score: 579)

Thanks for your time!

Nice, well done

@Infinity plus 1
Thanks! I just saw that you just joined to forum. Welcome! What team are you on?

Thanks.i am on 5838A