3d cap file request

I was wondering if anyone had .stl files of the cap split in pieces, in half or in fours. I’ve been trying to set it up but I am unsuccessful in doing so. Thanks

Here You can download an entire CAD model of the field, which will include the caps. It will download it as a .STEP so you’ll need to convert it. I don’t know what software you’re using, but if you’re using Inventor when you import the .STEP file put it in as an assembly.
Hope this helps!

I have already converted them to stl, but i cant slit the cap into smaller parts to fit it in the 3d printer

Paz, I can try to do so tonight. In order to print 3d models, the models cannot have intersecting faces or edges, and cannot contain double vertices. In addition, the model needs to be closed, ie. its internal volume should be fully enclosed.
Usually, you can load the .stl into in inventor. From there, project a plane over the model, and use the extrude tool to remove 3/4 of the model. Print the remainder four times, and you’ll have your cap.