3D model of Vexplorer

Vexplorer I was searching through Solidworks website and found a 3d assembly of the Vexplorer kit. I have no idea why it mysteriously appeared because this isn’t the first time I’ve searched through their website. This is the first time I’ve seen this assembly.

NICE find dude:D that is pretty awesome.

did anyone notice that the motors appear to be smaller

yeah, i did see that, i also wonder if they are less powerful?

Can you go any less than what they already are? I doubt they would go with lower power just based on user complaints…

This would make sense that the robot is on the Solidworks website, because the Vexplorer kit comes with a Student Edition Solidworks program. Pretty Cool.

I really wish they gave the parts out because I all ready have a copy of Solidworks. Also, does this file actually seem to crash your computers. Its really slow on my computer while Solidworks works really well.

The current motors take up three mounting holes while the newer vexplorer motors actually take up four mounting holes. Hence they are longer.

maybe they are longer, but i they look almost half as deep as the current ones.

All that means is they are geared differently. They may still be just as powerful or maybe even more powerful.

Judging by public concerns, I would say tht they are probably more powerful using a stronger ratio inside the motors.