3D print Parts

Can we 3D print 84 tooth gears???

No. 3D printed parts are not allowed on your robot (except as non-functional decorations) unless you’re in VEX U.

so not even gears

Not even gears. Any 3D printed stuff on your robot cannot be functional.

Nothing 3d printed at all, and it has to be vex or a part EXACTLY like the vex part. (No 3d printing though)

The manual states you can use anything you want as long as it is functionally identical. But, the different plastic type / the way the part is actually made. The 3D printed parts would be iffy, and technically illegal.

But, if you were crazy, you could most likely make a mold to make gears (using the same plastic as VEX does). And that would be legal (most likely)

This thread has quite a bit about 3D printed parts. I believe the ruling in it is considered official.