3D Print Your Own Plate Holders!

Because 3D printers are becoming more popular in schools around the world, Knight Time Bots would like to donate our own 3D model for name plates as a contribution to the Vex community.

Link down below -


Would these be legal for use on a competition bot?

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Not the wire clips https://vexforum.com/t/answered-3d-printed-wire-clip/43786/1
But yes for plate holder: https://vexforum.com/t/answered-license-plate/43727/1
I was sad to have to tell your team no for the clips at inspection, they looked good with the rest of your robot/team colors.

Probably best to correct this on your website. Sorry, but the 3D printed wire clips sadly are ruled as illegal for competition use in VRC. But, other than that, your plate holders look really nice :slight_smile:


If your selling custom wire clips commercially does that then make them legal?

I think you’re on to something…


hiii blaise / tim


Awesome design! Is that stand that you put for the license plate holder in the photo also 3D-printed?

Great design, but I can’t print them because I think you uploaded the gcode and not the stl. Any chance you can share the stl file?

Those seem curiously similar to the ones we made at the beginning of the year…

Lol rektttt