3d Printable Mobile Goal

My schools team is in desperate need of a mobile goal to test and refine our robot with. We don’t have the money to buy the full package for the tipping point prompt this year. If there is a 3d printable model (.stl file preferably) for a mobile goal, I would love it if someone could link one. Couldn’t find one through a simple google search. Thank you in advance.

I don’t know of any files, but if I did I probably wouldn’t really recommend testing/refining your robot with it as the weight of a 3d printed one will be much different than the actual ones and will make your tests inaccurate. I would recommend asking another local team if they have an extra kit that they can lend you a goal from. You could also probably find a used kit online for cheaper, or even a used goal that is like partially damaged or something that someone is selling for pretty cheap.

Also if you can afford it you can buy just the mobile goals for $200 on the vex website. Buying directly from vex or one of their official resellers is always the best option and what I would recommend but if you can’t afford it, and you only need it for testing, buying a used goal for cheaper could also work.


Here is The model I use.
3d printable mogo v3.stl (2.3 MB)

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You could also go the route from here:

Completely Solid Mogo CAD File

other option to 3D printing is to reach out to local teams or EPs and see if you can borrow game elements…

Had team show up to event not really realizing how heavy ITZ mobile goals were and their 3D printed goals were wrong size.