3D printable V5 Battery Charging Station/Dock

I was trying to come up with a compact way to charge our V5 batteries in a suitcase, and came up with what I think is a pretty nice solution and wanted to share it with you all.

Essentially it is a sleeve that fits over the V5 Battery, and has a hole where the V5 Charger port is hot-glued into. When you slide the battery into the sleeve, it charges. I intended for this to be modular, so I added a hole at the bottom. This allows you to mount multiple of these to a rod, and each individual unit can hinge up, allowing for easy acces. All, again, to fit nicely in a suitcase.

It fits a little snug on my printer, so you may need to scale it up by a percent or so on yours.

Here is the link to the STL files:

Here are some images of the print:
IMG_9687 IMG_9688 IMG_9686


that is really cool dude


How do you mount it to your charging suitcase? Glue the sleeve to a peg board?

I’ll post some pictures here when it is complete. Essentially they will be mounted along a rod, which is what the hole on the side is for. Then they are able to individually rotate, and return to a flush position.

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I have to say I don’t like the idea of hot glueing the charger into the sleeve, other than that it looks like a great product!

I tried a friction fit, it was harder to remove than the hot glue is. I had to actually break the part because the ridges got caught. The hot glue is very easy to remove, just take a pair of pliers and pinch it.

How about screw?

Can you print a clip as a part of the holder?


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I suppose I could, but a screw seems more likely to damage it. A clip on the buttom would make it much harder to print.

What if you go back to friction fit and use a male to female extender, made from parts or something like this (not sure if the VEX barrel is 2.1mm or 2.5mm internal). This way it becomes ‘modular’ and you don’t destroy the VEX bricks.

Not a bad idea. I’d use right angle though. Again, it’s SUPER easy to remove it if you use the hot glue in moderation.

Here’s some images of the final assembly.
image image image


I love your idea! But I think it will be even better if lights are visible all the time.

Also, at the events they don’t give us much table space. Putting them battery up will save the space.


You can see the lights, the quarter inch spacers allow it. Not as easily yes, but none the less you can still see them.

The intent, again, is to be in a suitcase, so I’m not designing for vertical efficiency, or ease of light visibility. It’s made for space efficiency.

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Out of pure engineering curiosity, desire to learn and understand and being fully aware of the old rule R14 and the current rule R19.b.ii (V5 Robot Batteries may only be charged by the V5 Robot Battery Charger (276-4812)):

Based on time to charge (“under one hour”) and specs of switching DC supply it seems the v5 battery charges at around 1C (battery talk for “one time the capacity”) i.e. around 1A-ish.

Is this limited electronically / through firmware or just happens because the bricky can only supply 1.1A max?

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It’s limited by the battery firmware (or more accurately the charge control circuitry, it’s not something we can change in firmware).

I wish VEX would remove the rule on chargers if this is the case. Using your own obviously means you are responsible for it, but it doesn’t give you any competitive advantage. The V5 chargers really bother me because of how inefficient they are for a vertical plug layout


That’s kind of what I was thinking, bringing your own power supply does not give a competitive advantage in any way, batteries don’t charge faster OR better since all the charging is done inside the battery - in a way, we always use VEX chargers with V5. For OP’s project it would be more elegant to have a 16V 5Amp (or so) brick wired to power all 4 receptacles than messing around with 4 different DC adapters and some power strip, probably safer too, although I get the worry about electrical mishaps and crappy equipment and people blaming VEX/REC/DRow for their battery fires, but this is robotics, people here are pretty smart (for the most part). Not a big deal, but that rule is not essential as it is not “match affecting”.


you guys can use the triple A battery chargers for the remotes from legacy.
Image result for vex chargers opposed to Image result for vex chargers

The adapters for the legacy AAA chargers are 12V output. The new chargers for V5 batteries are about 16V. I don’t know for sure but I would assume a 12V supply wouldn’t charge V5 batteries that well.

they might charge slower
it is realy a trade off between
charge time
plug space

They do not work
You need a power source with voltage above the full charge voltage for the battery, that’s 14.4V.
stick with the official VEX V5 chargers.