3D printable V5 Battery Charging Station/Dock

it was worth a shot.

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I wonder the legality of directly wiring the charger. Technically you are just doing what a power strip would do by connecting the plug to live and neutral. Maybe an S1 violation… but I totally know what I’m doing.

Famous last words…

@jack202020, please, be careful and don’t get yourself electricuted.

Or, better yet, get a “squid” extension cord.



Remember this thread?

That’s takes up way too much space.

This isn’t my plan entirely, there is no way I am leaving an open power supply circuit around my teammates, let alone people at a competition

I’m definitely not encouraging anyone to do this, mains voltage is no joke. Definitely don’t mess with mains voltage kids, it’ll bite. However, this could safely be done, by a professional, and the risk would be just as low as if you were using a normal plug.

I’m also not really seriously considering this, just curious about the legality.

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So forgive me if im wrong but from what i understand yall are talking about there not being enough space for plugs? I have seen some nice power strips that have rotating outlets such as this one. This way you can fit multiple plugs. Again sorry if i’m misunderstanding the problem.

Space is the problem, I’m trying to fit it in a briefcase.

Or a Mojics power bagel, for v5 chargers

Still too inefficient on space. There isn’t a great way lay them out with any powerstrip because of the spacing and rotation.