3D printable vex 'medal' logo

So, I had a competition recently, and I had the idea of 3D printing vex logos, either for use as keychains, or other decorations.

Here's the logo I'm referring to


I’d need a CAD file of it, maybe a half inch thick.
Does anyone know if this exists already, or will I have to make it?

Some programs you can import a black and white image and it draws the lines for you, than you can extrude it to make it 3D

Programs like what?


You can put a high resolution image of it into a program such as Adobe Illustrator and convert it to a vector using the image trace tool. (Some small clean up might be needed depending on the quality of the image). Then you can import it into a CAD program and extrude it.

Vex keychain.stl (1.1 MB) Here is cad I made to use for keychains that is 7 mm thick. You can always change the dimensions in cure or whatever slicer you’re using before you print it.


This is perfect! Thank you!

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You’re welcome! I had to put a thin circle on the back of the logo to get the lines to actually stay but you could probably switch filament colors in the middle of the print to get the logo a different color from the backing.