3D-Printable VEX Trophy

Hello everyone, I modeled a 12" VEX Trophy on Fusion 360 for those who want to 3D print one. It may not be perfect, but it is pretty close to the real thing. You can print it full size, or you can scale it, depending on what size you want it to be. You can find the files here on Thingiverse. Enjoy!

If anyone makes one, I would love to see how it turned out.

Note: Despite what you may see in the renderings below, the parts cannot be screwed together, they will have to be glued. Also, I haven’t had the time to print the trophy, so if there are any issues at all, please let me know.

it would be really cool to print this in something like copperFill, bronzeFill, or steel fill and give it instead of the official VEX trophies that are so expensive.

You’d also need a fairly large 3D printer to print the large main part.

You could scale it down and print a mini version.

Here is my mini VEX trophy. At a layer thickness of .1mm, it took 93 minutes for all of the parts to print.

How big is that?

Approxiamtely 3.5" (9 cm) tall.

Also, it required no supports to print at all.

I love this.

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I second this… this is awesome!

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I am glad that you guys like it!!

I like the mini-trophy idea. It could be a nice keepsake for members of the teams that win trophies–on team Virus, all the trophies are displayed in the lab. A vinyl sticker can be printed to fill in the text.

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At a certain point there are too many trophies, so why not give some out? They are in the front trophy case (the best ones) and on multiple shelves in our room… Then I went into a meeting room in our school’s front office and saw a random pile of 10 robotics trophies. Alright, then.

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This is really creative everyone! These trophies look legitimate, better than the wooden one that we got in an Eastern Washington competition.

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