3D Printed Battery Cable Holder

Hi everyone, my team and I competed in a recent event, and we noticed that some teams (and ours) occasionally lost connection between the battery cable and the battery. This was normally a slight upset of the battery cable slipping from the battery whenever we bashed into triballs. We were wondering whether we could 3D print a bracket or part, that would attach to the battery, and hold the cable in tightly. Wondering if this is legal and if anyone could tag the files. Thanks!

This is not legal in VRC. Please review rule R6.


You can use zipties or any other solution in accordance with R7 f.


Has something happened to the clip of the cable?

I have witnessed some poorly attached batteries bungy jump off robots and stay attached and working.

Seems a bit strange that just some shaking could completely cut power to the robot :thinking:

Fixing a problem is always better than avoiding it so maybe some more investigation into the issue would make sense.

Not sure if it is the clip that is getting loose, however, one end of the cable (the one that plugs into the brain) is clipping in nice and tight, but the other end (the one that plugs into the batteries) keeps losing its grip. I still do believe that you have a point. Thanks for the info, I’ll look into that.

Is the cable coming out or is the brain just turning off i had a cable where a slight bump with both ends still in tightly would turn off the brain

Just a side note, something that we have found legal and useful is licence plate holders. We 3d printed them and its super easy to just pop a plate in and swap it in less than a second.