3D Printed BO3 Plates

If you are one of the unlucky few who somehow hasnt heard the epic rumors of the BO3 Plates then allow me to enlighten you with the greatest creation I have ever produced - The BO3 plate


Being 10 holes long with screw holes the BO3 plate makes sure you wont get BO’1ed in that RR match u know u will play in at worlds
Karthik will dissaprove if you dont have one
And so will we, the mullets
So please, print one OR ask me for one at US Open / Worlds
$3 each or $5 for two lol


Bo1 was responsible for 2 of my 3 early losses last season. But once I put the Bo3 plates on my robot in February, I never got bo1ed again. All my losses were fair. Since correlation is causation and this is a statistically significant SRS with no noise or biases, I think it’s safe to conclude these plates really do work :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, these are awesome. If you wanna make a statement without spending an hour arguing with EPs on this forum, the BO3 plate is your friend,