3D printed controller add-ons

I am planning on printing some of the controller scuffs. I can’t figure out what goes through the bottom holes after you put the shell on the controller. Does anyone know what it is, and is it necessary.

I haven’t made one yet, so I can’t give a definite answer. One of the other teams in my organization used a straitened paper clip through those holes.

Some of the images on the online challenge post do not have anything there, so it doesn’t look like it is necessary. https://challenges.robotevents.com/challenge/94/entry/6044


Depending on the tolerances of your printer, it is supposed to be a piece of filament. However a paperclip would work. My team actually used duct tape as the clamshell piece kept sliding around.


i use motor screws, i think 393 motor screws work better but u can probably do either

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What about products simulator to these?

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