3D printed items on robots

We are allowed to 3D print non functional decorations for our robots, I have already 3D printed license plate holders and a few other things, but am I allowed to 3D print a cable cover? I would assume so as it is non functional but I want to make sure.

“am I allowed” questions must be answered by looking at the game manual. In the game manual, R8 f give the rules you’re looking for. By your own statement, cable protection covers are not “nonfunctional”


I have looked at the manual and I have used mesh like cable covers on my cables and I have used them in tournaments, my question is if 3D printed ones are still counted as nonfunctional.

The function of cable covers is wire management.

Now rethink your statement of “3D printed ones are still counted as nonfunctional.”. The function you propose for the 3D printed part is wire management.


Any cable covers or organizers you use have to be commercially available. I’m not in on the decision making process, but I would speculate that this at least makes it likely some basic safety testing has been carried out. R8f in the game manual


I have a different question that I couldn’t find. We have a joke that our robot is Greg, and we (our team of 3), are his legs. Can I 3D print a leg, and zip tie it to him and a non-functional decoration?

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As far as I know yes you can, I’ve even seen teams with LEDs on their robot.

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I get they count as wire management but I have used cable covers and the people who check your robot said they are ok to use.

I am thinking of making something like this instead of using regular mesh cable covers.

Of course they are OK, because they are commercially available cable carriers, per the rule:

“commercially available” is not the same as “3d printed”

You’re kind of beating a dead horse, now…


So what if I found this type of cable cover for sale? It’d be ok to use?

Yes, of course. It meets the requirements of the game manual, and is commercially available, for example:


So I found one that is commercially available so couldn’t I just 3D print a model of it because it is the same as buying it? And since it is commercially available than it wouldn’t matter because its the same thing I was going to print, right?

Is it commercially available 3D printed? Anyhow, why can’t you just buy one or use zip ties or something instead of pushing the limits of the rules? At least push the limits of the rules where it makes a difference!


I don’t know why, it just seems cool.

no it is not same as commercially available. As @kmmohn you are beating a dead horse at this point.


It is cool, it would be great to allow it, but the rules say commercial product.

Add me to the “beating a dead horse” club. But, feel free to ask as an official QA, maybe you’ll get their NO also.


exactly: my 2.5" long nylon spacer with an OD of 18" 100% legal and there is a hole and a legal screw does in fact fit in it.