3D Printed Motors + Cortex?

Unfortunately for many of the teams that build a lot during and/or before the summer, the v5 cortex will not be available. However, teams could potentially 3D print the motors and the cortex to be sure their robots will be able to accommodate the larger cortex and motors. Thoughts?

I messed up my 3d printer this morning. :frowning: I was all ready.

Well, my IQ team did 3d print the first few ringmaster rings (or rough approximation) to get a headstart. So why not the motor and the brain models.

Hey Zach! I think it’s a very good idea. Based on a conversation I had with your coach (@Powerbelly ) at US Open, I wrote a PM to @Paul Copioli about releasing 3d models of the parts, and I credited @Powerbelly with the suggestion. I followed up with @Paul Copioli in the open forum on Wednesday. He said he had received the message, and he liked the idea, and they would work on releasing the models in some useful format. I assume they’re all a bit busy at the moment. Hopefully, releasing the models will happen in the relative soon. In the meantime, if someone with access to the new parts and time/ability to do so wants to release their own models, I think that would be a great thing, and it seems likely that VEX isn’t against the idea. (I have access to the parts, but I just don’t have the time to do the models.)

Honestly I’ve all ready designed most of my robot in cad. I do understand that teams may not have cad though.

you really don’t need to exact models, just 3D print rectangles of the motors/brain’s largest dimensions with some screw holes.

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